Research and Development

As the partners in scientific research and technology transfer with many prestigious universities across the country, our
research and development section has expertise in renewable energy (solar energy, wind turbine, biomass, geothermal and hybrid systems). The R&D department is teamed with experienced researchers graduated from top universities of Russia, Canada and Japan. We are strongly confident in fostering the use of energy efficient solutions to boost the performance of enterprise community and public services which are based on made-in- Vietnam products.

·         Optimize energy use for companies/ business sector.

·         Develop small and portable solar-based products.

·         R&D service on demands.

·         Team with scholars and experts to bring affordable renewable energy to people living in remote areas or islands.

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Deputy Director
Sylvie Lam
Tel: (+84) 8 6279 80551
Fax: (+84) 8 6255 83841
Support to the Vietnamese National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program (VNEEP)