Solar Water Heater

   What is solar water heating ?

Solar water heating (SWH)
or solar hot water (SHW) is widely used worldwide. Heating up water accounts for a big share of energy use, no matter where you live, as long as heating equipment is put under the sun. SWH underwent several innovations and is a renewable energy
technology, which has been well established for many years.

Solar water heating collectors capture and retain heat from the sun and transform this heat into liquid. In most cases the liquid being used is cold water from the public system. After the water is heated, it is stored in a tank. Now it can be used for optional purposes such as cleaning dishes, taking showers and laundry.

Why everyone should use
solar water heater ?

Because solar energy can be rewarding in many ways.

  1. 1. Energy independence
    • Use solar water heating systems definitely reduce your dependence on fossil fuels which is at the peak rate of production nowadays.
    • Use of solar energy is reliable – as long as the sun is shining - to produce power.
  2. 2. Environmental impacts such as reduction of CO2 emissions and natural resource savings.
  3. 3. Financial benefits:
- Higher saving rate than solar-electric.
- Amortization in a couple of years, depending on your location and consumption.
- Financial incentives might make the initial investment more attractive.

The Energy Development Center (EDEC) cooperates with our expertise partners in solar energy system design

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