Power Supply

The primary function of a power supply system is to convert one form of energy into another. The energy sources used as input might vary, depending on the original power plant. EDEC optimizes Renewable Energy Sources (link) and technology transfer in every solar power or hybrid system that we consult and design.


The Energy Development Center (EDEC) works close with our prestigious partners to guarantee the highest reliable quality for clients. EDEC is engaged to fulfill our commitment throughout Project Management phases. Various models and programs can be implemented following Investment Project Planning and Implementation.

1.   Feasibility Study


An EDEC team investigates on the spot, how the installation of a solar, wind or hybrid energy system can be defined. A basic (pre) feasibility study (FS) shall be done according to that beginning data survey. At the end of the study, the Inspector Group will assess key performance indicators and efficiency of the FS.


2.   Project Planning
EDEC ensures that the clients’ needs are satisfied at any phase. This means, that EDEC provides full costs review at any time of assessment. The customer can participate in the planning as stakeholder during the whole process, in case they decide.

System Design

EDEC’s designers guarantee highest quality in the design of solar, wind or hybrid energy systems. See further for Energy Consultancy and Design here.


4.   Equipment/ Devices Installation 

This is one of significant progress in the whole Implementation plan. EDEC teams with our partners in order to supply with equipment; install and complete the last project’s phase. We then follow up with the clients’ satisfaction during the life circle of the energy project.

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Sylvie Lam
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