Energy Efficiency

What is energy efficiency ?

Energy efficiency
is a term to describe the efficient use of energy. Thus energy efficiency is not energy conservation.

Energy efficiency is to be using less energy to provide the same service.

his example illustrates how quickly energy efficiency can be put into practice: If you replace all windows in your house with energy-efficient ones, you can save money and energy on heating during winter and air-conditioning during summertime.

As the saying goes, the Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we transitioned to better solutions. The same opportunity lies before us with energy efficiency and clean energy.” – Steven Chu, Former United States Secretary of Energy

he Energy Development Center (EDEC) promotes energy efficiency and raises awareness on this topic via following programs:

  1. - Energy audit
  2. - Go Green tour
  3. - Workshops and Seminars on renewable energy.

Please contact EDEC for further information.

Project Coordinator
Tran Van Cong
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Support to the Vietnamese National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program (VNEEP)