Climate Change

The report from UNEP illustrates that the trend of recent climate change in Viet Nam is beyond the level of natural change. Temperatures have increased by 0.05-0.20°C and sea level has increased by 2-4 cm per decade in the last 50 years.  According to projections, by the end of the 21st century, the annual temperature in Viet Nam will increase by between 1.1-1.9°C and 2.1-3.6°C rainfall is likely to increase by 1.0-5.2% and 1.8-10.1%, and sea level is likely to rise between 65 and 100cm, in comparison with the period 1980-1999, under low and high emission scenarios respectively.

The potential impacts of climate change for the seven climatic zones of Vietnam are likely to be different, but are likely to be critical in the water resources and key socio-economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, energy, transportation and health. Vietnam is currently conducting a low carbon economy and mitigation legal documents aimed to reduce the CO2 emissions. There are an increasing number of strategies to adapt to the 
climate change’s impact so as to reduce the social vulnerability.


Today, the strong network of EDEC enables researches and studies that contribute to a more sustainable development of Vietnam. We are certified as a Green entrepreneur. We favor women’s implication in our activities, apply a code of conduct and focus on activities to reduce Vietnam’s carbon footprint and progress to climate change mitigation.

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