Capacity Building

Whatever your career path might be today, continuous learning makes a significant difference in your personal and corporate development.  At the Energy Development Center, we provide a wide range of capacity building services to address your needs in climate change and renewable energy knowledge:

- Highly qualified presenters for topics covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change.

- Customized technical training on specific technology related to renewable energy and to energy designs.


- General training for non-technical backgrounds on:

-Climate change: the challenges in Vietnam

-Renewable Energy: introduction, challenges and oppotunities

-Renewable Energy: focus on Solar and Wind energy

- Support for implementing green practices in your workplace (See for our SBLP Certification).

-Internships: The Energy Development Center is hosting students willing to learn and work to enhance their resume. Send your resume to or visit our page to learn about current vacancies.

- Master’s degree and Ph.Dcandidates:  Our Research and Development department and Project development team sign agreements with universities to host talented post-graduate candidates for their internships or support them with their theses.



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