Market Analysis

In Vietnam, the environmental and renewable energy field has experienced a major transition for almost 10 years. Governmental agencies, corporations, and citizen groups around the world are more and more using technology innovations and community resources to gain a foothold on sustainable development. Gradually, the bigger part of evolvement has been concentrated on urban areas, but focusing on cities or towns where renewable energy infrastructures are powered or government-sponsored. Fundraising in many green projects are under attractive conditions of investment due to both top-down and bottom-up barriers in the society and social policies. Hence, the Energy Development Center (EDEC) has been founded with the aims to:

  • -       create sustainable development via renewable energy solutions and environmental technologies in all regions of Vietnam.
  • -       work with strong partners to evolve expertise on renewable energy sources.
  • -       constantly gather experiences to support regions in Vietnam.
  • -       mobilize communities, charitable foundations and governmental agencies.
  • -       prevent climate change and contribute to a green future.

EDEC would be delighted to welcome you as our strong alliance.

Deputy Director
Sylvie Lam
Tel: (+84) 8 6279 80551
Fax: (+84) 8 6255 83841
Support to the Vietnamese National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program (VNEEP)