Feasibility Study

The purpose of a feasibility study is to explore and identify possible Renewable Energy sources and the location of such sources in Viet Nam. Further deploy the possibility of future studies, it is expected that can support Viet Nam in meeting energy demands.

The objectives of feasibility studies related to Renewable Energies are to:

  • -       Improve of quality and reliability of electric service.
  • -       Promote energy self-sufficiency.
  • -       Encourage sustainably economic development.
  • -       Contribute to the use of Renewable Energy.


EDEC customizes a well-designed feasibility analysis in the following spectrum of tasks:

1.    Technology and system feasibility

  • o    Based on requirements of the system.
  • o    Guarantee that the company has the technical expertise to manage the project.

2.    Legal Feasibility

  • o    Analyze if the project meets legal requirements. E.g: the company’s databank must comply with the standards of data protection act.

3.    Operational Feasibility

  • o    Take advantage of information gathered during definition scope.
  • o    Measure to what extent if the proposed system can solve the problems.
  • o    Satisfy requirements, which shall be identified during the analysis phase.

4.    Economic Feasibility

  • o    Determine the positive economic benefits of the project.
  • o    Identification and estimation of costs and earnings.
  • o    Values-earned analysis.

5.    Technical Feasibility

  • o    Survey all available technical resources and examine if these resources meet the needs for the project.

6.    Schedule Feasibility

  • o    Estimate the duration for development.
  • o    Evaluate the project’s timetable.

Project Coordinator
Tran Van Cong
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Support to the Vietnamese National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program (VNEEP)