We are Green, for Real!
20/11/2014 9:13:21 AM

We are Green, for Real!

The Energy Development Center is the 1st organization outside the United States to be certified as a sustainable SME through 2014 by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. The entire process was planned as a long-term and sustainable team operation:

·       Online transfer of knowledge via Webex 

·         Exchange of students with Clark University (MA, USA)

·         Actions towards local and sustainable development of the Center

·         Set up of a Green Team to monitor and continuously improve our workplace

This means that we are doing what we believe is right: you cannot advocate green practices and saving energy if you do not show the way. Also, such a task cannot be accomplished alone. All the staff is actively involved in making the work environment better, in reducing our carbon footprint and saving energy and natural resources.


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