SBLP Certification

We are Green, for Real!

The Energy Development Center is the 1st organization outside the United States to be certified as a sustainable SME through 2014 by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. The entire process was planned as a long-term and sustainable team operation:

·       Online transfer of knowledge via Webex 

·         Exchange of students with Clark University (MA, USA)

·         Actions towards local and sustainable development of the Center

·         Set up of a Green Team to monitor and continuously improve our workplace

This means that we are doing what we believe is right: you cannot advocate green practices and saving energy if you do not show the way. 
Also, such a task cannot be accomplished alone. All the staff is actively involved in making the work environment better, in reducing our carbon footprint and saving energy and natural resources.

Besides, EDEC is a member of the Energy Access Practitioner Network created by the United Nations Foundation to promote the access to sustainable energy for all. EDEC takes part to the discussions regarding energy access in South-East Asia.

Project Coordinator
Tran Van Cong
Tel: (+84) 8 6279 80551
Fax: (+84) 8 6255 83841