About EDEC

We have all heard about the consequences of climate change. We also know that we are causing it. To keep the world’s economies growing we consume more fossil fuels than earth is capable to reproduce. Conventional energy sources are limited, whereas the potential of renewable energy sources is endless and more significant than ever.

Change is needed. Action is needed.
People must be involved.

In 2011, a team of passionate engineers and consultants created the Energy Development Center (EDEC) on those grounds with a strong belief that Renewable Energy is the future and one of the most efficient answers to climate change.

Together, we combine our expertise in different fields to make a difference, not only in Vietnam but wherever our new partners take us.

EDEC's 4-leaf clover logo stands for Sustainability, Green Energy,
Hope and Luck for a Greener Future

Our mission is to Make Energy Accessible and Affordable. We provide our customers and partners with:

- Reliable data analysis for their feasibility studies. Whether it is a market introduction, an investment plan, an energy saving design, a sustainable development project or an environmental assessment.

- Professional project management services for Energy Saving, Off-grid and Grid-Tie Renewable Energy, Energy Services Companies (ESCO), Procurements and due diligence.

- Capacity building: learning and educating the people on renewable energy and sustainability will trigger the change we need.

- Ideas that can change the society and improve the environment:

  • # EDEC is a member of the Sustainable Business Leader Program.
  • # Go Green Tour discovers what makes Viet Nam green.
  • # We encourage people to tell us about their green initiatives.


The Energy Development Center (EDEC) was originally created to contribute to sustainable development through renewable energy solutions. In order to do so, renewable energy solutions must be rendered accessible and affordable for everyone.
EDEC operates in Viet Nam, a country still listed as lower middle-income country and one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia by the World Bank in 2014. For us it is essential to work closely with all stakeholders involved in energy efficiency issues under the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Program (VNEEP) issued by the Vietnamese government and in line with the United Nations Development Program.

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Project Coordinator
Tran Van Cong
Tel: (+84) 8 6279 80551
Fax: (+84) 8 6255 83841